3 Tips For Using Binaural Beats to Learn to See Auras

Did you know that almost anybody can learn to see auras? Although some believe that this is an inborn talent that you either have or you don’t, the truth is that the ability to see auras is a natural human ability that simply lies dormant in most of us. However, with some assistance and practice, it’s possible to train your eyes to perceive the auras around people, animals and other living things.

While there are a number of methods that have been put forward for teaching or viewing, most of them have one common factor, and it is the requirement to be able to relax deeply. Aura perception seems to be easier when the mind is relaxed, so if you can meditate, this is an advantage.

However, for most of us without meditation training, maintaining such a deeply relaxed date by remaining awake isn’t necessarily easy. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve the right mindset for viewing auras without having to spend years learning to meditate first, and that is by using a brainwave entrainment recording.

Such a recording features repetitive sounds of specific frequencies, which are designed to cause your brain to enter a relaxed state. This works thanks to a natural phenomenon known as the ‘frequency following response’, which simply means that the brain has a natural tendency to match – or entrain to – the frequencies of the sounds it’s hearing. For successful aura viewing, you need a recording which guides your brain into the alpha state, in which it predominantly produces brainwaves of between 8 and 12 Hz in frequency.

Once you have your recording, you’ll need to set some time aside to listen to it each day before practising viewing your own aura, or that of a pet or plant. With time, your brain will become accustomed to entering the alpha state at will, and eventually you won’t even need the recording.

While there are different types of brainwave entrainment recording available, binaural beats are the most popular, and they can be very effective. If you decide to use binaural beats to help you learn to see auras, here are three tips for getting the most from your sessions.

1. Practice Every Day

Firstly, you should make a commitment to listen to your recording and practice your aura viewing every day. It’s vital to establish a routine, because over time your brain will come to know what to expect, and will be able to enter the right states for aura viewing more easily.

Daily practice is also essential for most people, because it usually takes some time before you start to get the results you’re looking for. Although some people who use binaural beats for aura viewing find they can see auras right away, this isn’t really the norm, so you shouldn’t be discouraged if it takes a while your abilities to develop. But they will only develop if you practice consistently.

2. Make Sure You’re Not Disturbed

It’s also important to ensure that you practice at a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure that any others in your house know not to barge into your room during this time. This is important because it’s difficult to relax properly if you know in the back of your mind that you might be interrupted at any moment, and as we’ve seen, relaxation is vital for the development of your aura viewing ability.

3. Practice On Yourself

After listening to your recording, you’ll be in a relaxed state, and your aura vision is likely to be more acute. If you have to find another person to practice viewing with at this time, you’re likely to disturb your concentration and lose your sense of relaxation. So the best results, try viewing your own aura either by observing your body directly, or in a mirror. If you have pets or plants handy, you can practice looking at them too, as all living things have auras.

Online Tarot Card Reader – 3 Tips on How To Use Them

An online tarot card reader may be a complete computer software or a piece of script (program code) embedded on a website for visitors or members to use. The use of the program may be free for everyone, or the website may ask for registration for some sort of membership before the person can use the reader.

Is something like this useful to the tarot reader? Yes, it is. It’s like having your own tarot guidebook, only digital. You can read the meaning of the tarot cards just by pointing and clicking. You can practice your readings in front of your computer and simply use the program as a guide.

If there is no program available on the site but you see something like ‘free online tarot reading’, you may be asked to send in a question together with your birthday so that a real person can do a reading for you. You will receive an email containing the reading and the details related with your question. This discussion, however, is limited to the use of an automatic tarot reader, a program designed to make tarot card readings a breeze.

How to Use an Online Tarot Reader?

1. Do Your Own Studying Before Using a Tarot Reader

Base knowledge will make anything go smoothly, and tarot reading is no exception. If you base your tarot card predictions solely on what you read on the tarot reader, you’re likely to create a purely academic reading. By this I mean, you’re reading each card individually and the ‘story’ of the current spread does not flow as smoothly.

An online tarot reader will also have a limited array of interpretations, maybe a few lines per card for the reversed and upright meanings. This may severely limit your potential to do love tarot readings.

2. Take Note of the Cards on the Spread

As you should do when you’re practicing with a set of real tarot deck and a guidebook, take note of the cards that appear on the tarot reader. Have a notebook or a pad of paper in front of you and jot down the cards as they appear on a spread. This will help you call to mind the spread you just did and study it to your heart’s content when you’re not in front of the computer.

Your use of the resource may be limited to a few spreads or a few minutes, as is the case for most websites that commercially market tarot reading services. Of course, if a tarot website invested on something like an online reader, they would want to get something out of it. Even if the program is free, you might see some advertisements of the website’s services. This is the main reason why you should maximize the use of the reader, while you can do it for free.

3. Don’t Depend on the Online Tarot Card Reader

Dependence on an online tarot card reader means you may feel like it’s so convenient that you don’t have to purchase your own tarot card and guidebook. You may feel that you have to log in and use it whenever you have a question, which could mean paying for the service if it is no longer available for free. This is not exactly a bad thing, but you can find other downloadable guides that you can pay for only once and use for a lifetime.

How to Be Telepathic – Tips to Help Develop Your Telepathic Skills

A very simple definition of telepathy would sound like this: the ability of your mind to send and receive messages without any verbal communication. Telepathy is a skill and though most people are telepathic to some extent, not many realize it and very few practice it on a regular basis. It is not very difficult, but it takes some time to learn how to nurture this skill.

As I have already mentioned, anyone is telepathic to a certain degree. If you doubt it, just take a minute and remember some moments in your life when you were thinking of someone and, a bit later, that person either appeared at your door or called. Maybe you were chatting with a virtual friend and all of a sudden you realized you had both written the same thing. These are examples of telepathy. Here is another one: you have a huge burden on your mind and have been striving for days to find a solution to your problem, which suddenly suggests itself, out of the blue. It may come from a friend or relative that is familiar with your torment. The list may go on.

There is a telepathic reality and this is how relationships function. They are actually based on the telepathic information that comes to us from others and that we send to others. We can pick people’s thoughts especially if there is a deep connection between us but there are several cases in which we receive such information from total strangers. As the saying goes, ‘the world is our mirror’, which means that we are likely to be treated the same way we treat others. The truth is that telepathy ‘is to blame’ for the relationships we establish with our peers. The manner in which they behave to us largely depends on our inner thoughts which are transmitted outward and detected by them rather than on the actual words that we utter.

For those who are interested in learning how to be telepathic and then how to enhance their telepathic skills, there are some rules to understand and follow. Fist of all you should believe in telepathy, be open and have enough confidence to start practicing it. You must also be aware of your own inner ability to act at telepathic level. Learning telepathy implies a series of exercises of sending and receiving messages to and from a practice partner. These exercises should be very short; otherwise you may get bored before you achieve any significant results.

Choosing a partner is vital to the outcome of the practice. He or she must be someone you already have a strong connection with, someone that makes you feel very comfortable. When you have learned how to get and transmit your thoughts, you may start practicing with ESP cards; thus you will most likely discover other psychic feelings in you.

One last thing: relaxation is very important before and during the exercises. You cannot receive messages if you mind is cluttered, nor can you send them appropriately. Forcing messages into your partner’s mind will not bring about the results that you desire. You must let messages come and go naturally and this is something that takes a little more time than you think. Learn to relax your mind by chasing away any obsessive thoughts!

A Few Tips on How to Do Mentalism

For the unfortunate few who may not know exactly what mentalism is, it is the art of precognition and mind reading. Basically, it is a way that you can tell everything about a person and you can even tell them what they are going to do in the near future.

For those who already have a firm grip on exactly what mentalism is, learning how to do mentalism must be quite a thrill for you. It is not hard and probably anybody who set their mind on it can learn how to do mentalism. This article is all about teaching you a few things that you will need if you are really set on learning how to do mentalism.

  • The Magic foundation – the first thing that you are going to need in your arsenal to learn how to mentalism is to know that you are gong to need a bit of magic principals. If you do not want to teach yourself the principals of magic then there is no way on earth that you are going to learn how to do mentalism. It is almost one and the same thing, almost. Learn card tricks or any other simple magic tricks that you can pick up here and there, they will come in very handy.
  • Get to know Cold Reading – cold reading is the art of looking at a person and telling everything possible that you can about them just from their looks. Mentalism is all about precognition, if you do not know how to read people by how they look then you cannot know how to do mentalism. It is all about being observative because all the signs are there for you to read.
  • Hypnosis – a lot of people get all sorts of ideas about how you have to be special to learn a skill like hypnosis but this could not be any further from the truth. Just making sure that somebody’s attention is maintained on your face and not hands is already hypnosis. Imagine combining this with what you know about how to do mentalism.

If you can combine all the above tips properly, you are half way done with how to do mentalism. You will then need to pick up a couple of skills like memorization. With a lot of practice before going on a stage, nobody will be able to say that you do not know how to do mentalism.

A Few Tips on Free Voodoo Chants

Free voodoo chants should be used carefully. This I simply because if one doesn’t know what to do or how to go about the voodoo chants, or to put it simply, if voodoo chants fall into the wrong hands, a disaster or calamity could be on the cards. Voodoo is no easy form of magic; in fact, novices shouldn’t dabble in it, since it can be quite dangerous even.

A Brief History

Voodoo is quite potent; otherwise, it wouldn’t have gathered such a strong base of believers and supporters over the many centuries since its inception. People have been flocking to voodoo priests to help sort out their personal problems since time immemorial.

But there’s nothing to be scared of about free voodoo chants. This is simply because the master Voodoo priests around us are strong believers of the fact that there are always invisible forces all around us, which are designed to help us achieve what we want, we just have to listen carefully and do their bidding. These forces may be used for both good as well as evil purposes.

Another thing about Voodoo is that the results are vastly varied from person to person. This is simply because every person has their own individual problems. Thus, the problems and their nature differ from person to person and therefore the kind of help required by people is wide and varied.

The psychic forces attached to each person are also very different, thus no two people will have the same results. One can look at Voodoo as a personalized form of witchcraft.

Free Voodoo Chants For You!

It’s even fun to perform Voodoo spells. Try these free voodoo chants to get amazing results. Here’s the first one, to banish unrequited love from your vocabulary! You will require for it chocolate syrup – one table spoonful and an orange together with that. Write down the name of your target, on a parchment on the night of a full moon.

Then cut the orange into two halves and then place the orange between them, keeping it firmly in place with the chocolate syrup and put them back together to form a whole.

Then say “Moon shining oh so bright, please grant my wish tonight” seven times and be prepared for a surprised the very next day!

Here’s another free voodoo chant to help you lose some weight and look hot! Put the number of pounds you want to burn off on a parchment of paper and then burn it while at the same time chanting “burn, burn, burn away. Pounds be gone you cannot stay” anytime between seven to fourteen times! The results might just shock you! Try these free voodoo chants and be surprised!