25 Fun Psychic Activities to Help You Grow Your Skills

Have you ever wondered how being psychic could be fun? Take a tip from your children. They have a powerful resource at their disposal which helps them learn and grow. And it isn’t just for children. Adults can access it to make their lives more pleasant and enjoyable.

I’m talking about play! Perhaps you didn’t know that you could use your psychic abilities in fun ways. Maybe you didn’t know that you could enjoy being psychic. Well, you can!

Play and fun stimulate our creativity. We often learn much better when we use our imaginations to make our activities more pleasant.

Wouldn’t you love to amaze your friends and family with your psychic skills? Here are twenty-five suggestions to get you started:

* find hidden treasure

* talk with Red Skelton, Harry Houdini or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

* channel Elvis

* pick the next Derby winner

* travel through space

* find out what your pet is thinking

* have a chat with a departed loved one

* imagine what is it like to be a color

* bend a spoon or two

* look inside the walls of your house

* watch children playing and check out their auras

* go to an antique store and feel an object’s history

* get a friend to drive somewhere and call you; describe their surroundings

* heal your plant

* imagine you are talking to your best customers on the psychic plane and ask them to call you

* see what is hidden inside a box

* give a horse a psychic reading

* talk to a tree

* look up at the clouds and focus your intention on breaking them apart

* imagine yourself as your artwork 5 years from now, and notice how you feel

* tap in to the talents of the masters – Bach, Matisse…

* heal a wart

* guess what color your co-worker will wear the next day

* astral project into the dreams of your child and take a ride on a magic carpet

* play hide and seek – and win!

These ideas are just to help you get started. Use your creativity to come up with your own fun activities.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. The more you can laugh at yourself and have fun doing it, the faster your psychic abilities will grow. And through play you will develop and hone skills you might never have imagined you possessed.

Amaze your friends! Astound your family! And have a blast with all this psychic fun!

How to Be Telepathic – Tips to Help Develop Your Telepathic Skills

A very simple definition of telepathy would sound like this: the ability of your mind to send and receive messages without any verbal communication. Telepathy is a skill and though most people are telepathic to some extent, not many realize it and very few practice it on a regular basis. It is not very difficult, but it takes some time to learn how to nurture this skill.

As I have already mentioned, anyone is telepathic to a certain degree. If you doubt it, just take a minute and remember some moments in your life when you were thinking of someone and, a bit later, that person either appeared at your door or called. Maybe you were chatting with a virtual friend and all of a sudden you realized you had both written the same thing. These are examples of telepathy. Here is another one: you have a huge burden on your mind and have been striving for days to find a solution to your problem, which suddenly suggests itself, out of the blue. It may come from a friend or relative that is familiar with your torment. The list may go on.

There is a telepathic reality and this is how relationships function. They are actually based on the telepathic information that comes to us from others and that we send to others. We can pick people’s thoughts especially if there is a deep connection between us but there are several cases in which we receive such information from total strangers. As the saying goes, ‘the world is our mirror’, which means that we are likely to be treated the same way we treat others. The truth is that telepathy ‘is to blame’ for the relationships we establish with our peers. The manner in which they behave to us largely depends on our inner thoughts which are transmitted outward and detected by them rather than on the actual words that we utter.

For those who are interested in learning how to be telepathic and then how to enhance their telepathic skills, there are some rules to understand and follow. Fist of all you should believe in telepathy, be open and have enough confidence to start practicing it. You must also be aware of your own inner ability to act at telepathic level. Learning telepathy implies a series of exercises of sending and receiving messages to and from a practice partner. These exercises should be very short; otherwise you may get bored before you achieve any significant results.

Choosing a partner is vital to the outcome of the practice. He or she must be someone you already have a strong connection with, someone that makes you feel very comfortable. When you have learned how to get and transmit your thoughts, you may start practicing with ESP cards; thus you will most likely discover other psychic feelings in you.

One last thing: relaxation is very important before and during the exercises. You cannot receive messages if you mind is cluttered, nor can you send them appropriately. Forcing messages into your partner’s mind will not bring about the results that you desire. You must let messages come and go naturally and this is something that takes a little more time than you think. Learn to relax your mind by chasing away any obsessive thoughts!