More On Psychic Self-defense – 3 Simple Tips On Aura Protection

The emotions and state of a person on the whole is a major cause for the type of aura projected by the person. A happy and a satisfied person will emit a clear, bright aura while a dark, gloomy aura is projected by a depressed and a stressed person.

1. Ways to control your emotions when dealing with relationships.

Normally a person’s aura is closed to the people around him in the beginning. It can be accessed only by the person himself. His aura will open up and connect with another person if and only if he starts having feelings towards the other person. It is very easy to recognize its effects. They are connected emotionally and one is able to sense what the other is feeling. The person can sense his companion’s happiness as well as sadness, when they happen. This kind of emotional connection can do wonders to a person’s aura provided your relationship is going well but at the same time it can be harmful to the spirit and aura if your relationship is going bad. At these times the person has to get connected with his own aura and preventing the exposure to his partner’s feelings can help a lot.

In times like these staying with your partner will not help you connect with your aura as your partners feeling can influence your thoughts and feelings. It is better to isolate yourself from your partner as well as the other people around you so that you are effectively able to prevent the outside factors from influencing you. This isolation period will give you the chance to reexamine yourself and connect with your aura. It is after this time of completion of self examination that you will be able to join your companion, start your life allover again when you are able to distinguish your emotions.

2. Ways to shield yourself from the outside world and influence.

This is mainly for those people who have unpleasant feelings for others. This other person can be a colleague, sibling, best friend, boss or a mate. There is a very simple exercise that will help your aura before meeting this particular person i.e. before you go to college or school or work. Find an empty spot in your house and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes relax and feel the aura around you. Imagine that the aura is an oval shape filled with a beautiful warm light.

Think that the aura coming out from you .from you body is just like that of the light bulb. Keeping this image in mind, imagine a brilliant golden seal appearing on the border of your glowing aura slowly. Visualize that you are in a protected warm cocoon. Then visualize the exact opposite, imagine the seal getting soft but is still able to shield your aura inside it. This exercise will help you get practice in controlling your negative emotions and will help you get them out of your body.

3. Activities that can enhance you spirit

Besides taking care of your physical health it is also important that you spend time and take care of your mental health. Activities like yoga where meditation is involved can help you to open up your aura and it lets in the flow of positive energy. The different position taught in yoga help you to calm the mind and body. Our psyche is used to raise our state of being to a higher stage.

After the area is exposed, it should necessarily be covered again. This can be accomplished by standing erect, with your eyes closed, and imagining a light of rich glorious gold to shine upon your torso from the heavens above. Then, imagine a clockwise motion of the aforementioned light around you, in slow earthbound circles, around your body.

Reviving Lost Psychic Abilities – Simple Tips To Guide You

Aura – the protecting force.

Today we are living in a mechanized world. People are more and more following their mind rather than their instinct or heart. Machines like television, computers and others have replaced our intuitive ability. Ultimately this has led to the degradation of the physic skills which is there in our subconscious mind. Consequently this has hindered our capability of making wise decisions in day to day life which may also obstruct the interest of the rest of the world

Today people would not want to give up on their present-day conveniences; therefore it is essential that we restore the natural endowment of physic power that has been passed on to us from nature.

From the understanding that we gain from physics, scientific concepts and other things, we come to a conclusion that everything in this world is interrelated. Thus, enhancing our physic self will surely do well for the human kind as a whole. Many believe that the physic ability is something that can be developed and that it is inborn in some people. But this is a wrong belief. The ability of being physic is inborn in each and every one of us. A little effort is needed from our part to make it exist. We can feel more pleased and contended with our life and can be more confident in facing life once we revive this unique ability of ours. One of the steadiest developments that we can make in life is this. It strengthens an individual’s personality and makes them move a step forward to reach their aspirations and goals.

The improvement in our physic ability will bring about a feeling of closeness with the things that surround us. It revives the humane feeling inside each individual and brings them close to voluntary and selfless services like charity, work for the improvement of our society and so on.

A person can protect himself from the negative influences of life effectively, once he enhances his physic skills. Individual’s personality will not be affected by negative emotions like sloth, envy, lust, selfishness, jealousy and hatred. The person will tend to develop a positive approach towards his life. He will be more stable and cannot be hindered by any problem that he may face on his path to reach the goal. The person will have the ability to live in peace with the people around him. He is sure to have a peaceful and a calm mind as he will have the ability to express himself. All these things will show him the way to divinity which lies inside him.

An individual’s aura can be further enhanced by practicing meditation. It soothes the mind and it will make him visualize the various situations in life effectively. A tranquil mind can boost the energy already possessed by a person Therefore he can give his very best in whatever he does. This will act like a barricade to prevent him from making any wrong choice in life. Thus the electromagnetic field which always surrounds a person is the aura. Just like how the immune system prevents the outside diseases to enter the body ,the aura prevents the negative influences to hinder the rational self of the person and protects the physic well being. Many may feel that an extended aura is a good sign for a person. But, it is not true. An aura which is balanced should be more important to us. An over extended aura can bring depression, headache, anxiety and many more things along with it. And so for a sound physic defense, a well balanced aura is very important.