Clairaudient Intuition – Psychic Guide

Clairaudient intuition is a psychic ability that is sometimes forgotten about. Though it is less common than other abilities, it is no less real. Just as a clairvoyant psychic receives visions of “clear seeing,” or a clairsentient psychic receives instincts of “clear feeling,” a clairaudient psychic receives intuition of “clear hearing.”


A psychic with clairaudience uses their inner ear to listen and to pick up on information from the past, present, or the future. For example, a psychic might pick up on a conversation that has happened in the past, especially if that conversation somehow holds new meaning in the present/future. Often, clairaudient psychics will hear things that will become relevant later in time, even if the importance of such things is unclear.

A clairaudient psychic might also hear something like a gunshot, the playing of music, the reciting of a memory, or the laughter of a child. The more significant a sound is, the more it will make a lasting imprint on those who hear it, and the clearer it will be for a clairaudient psychic. Those who do not possess the inner ear will be unable to hear the lasting imprint of such sounds.


Apart from being able to hear things that have taken place in the past, present, or future, clairaudient psychics also possess unique abilities when it comes to listening to what they are physically hearing in the present. Clairaudience allows a psychic to listen with “true hearing.” This means that they will be able to hear whether something that is being said is true, half-true, or an outright lie. When something said is true, clairaudient psychics sense a feeling of light around the worlds. But when something said is untrue, the worlds seem shrowded in patches of darkness. This makes it easy for a clairaudient psychic to sense how true something is.

Similarly, those gifted with the power of clairaudience can also tell how significant or insignificant something is. For example, if someone made a statement and falsely made it seem unimportant, a psychic with this ability would easily be able to see through this. These abilities are collectively referred to as a clairaudient psychic’s “outer ear.”

To clarify, those with clairaudience can only hear things that have been, things that are, or things that will be. In other words, they do not hear things that aren’t there. They can also sense the true meaning and importance behind the words that people say. This is what makes clairaudience such a useful and powerful psychic ability.

More On Psychic Self-defense – 3 Simple Tips On Aura Protection

The emotions and state of a person on the whole is a major cause for the type of aura projected by the person. A happy and a satisfied person will emit a clear, bright aura while a dark, gloomy aura is projected by a depressed and a stressed person.

1. Ways to control your emotions when dealing with relationships.

Normally a person’s aura is closed to the people around him in the beginning. It can be accessed only by the person himself. His aura will open up and connect with another person if and only if he starts having feelings towards the other person. It is very easy to recognize its effects. They are connected emotionally and one is able to sense what the other is feeling. The person can sense his companion’s happiness as well as sadness, when they happen. This kind of emotional connection can do wonders to a person’s aura provided your relationship is going well but at the same time it can be harmful to the spirit and aura if your relationship is going bad. At these times the person has to get connected with his own aura and preventing the exposure to his partner’s feelings can help a lot.

In times like these staying with your partner will not help you connect with your aura as your partners feeling can influence your thoughts and feelings. It is better to isolate yourself from your partner as well as the other people around you so that you are effectively able to prevent the outside factors from influencing you. This isolation period will give you the chance to reexamine yourself and connect with your aura. It is after this time of completion of self examination that you will be able to join your companion, start your life allover again when you are able to distinguish your emotions.

2. Ways to shield yourself from the outside world and influence.

This is mainly for those people who have unpleasant feelings for others. This other person can be a colleague, sibling, best friend, boss or a mate. There is a very simple exercise that will help your aura before meeting this particular person i.e. before you go to college or school or work. Find an empty spot in your house and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes relax and feel the aura around you. Imagine that the aura is an oval shape filled with a beautiful warm light.

Think that the aura coming out from you .from you body is just like that of the light bulb. Keeping this image in mind, imagine a brilliant golden seal appearing on the border of your glowing aura slowly. Visualize that you are in a protected warm cocoon. Then visualize the exact opposite, imagine the seal getting soft but is still able to shield your aura inside it. This exercise will help you get practice in controlling your negative emotions and will help you get them out of your body.

3. Activities that can enhance you spirit

Besides taking care of your physical health it is also important that you spend time and take care of your mental health. Activities like yoga where meditation is involved can help you to open up your aura and it lets in the flow of positive energy. The different position taught in yoga help you to calm the mind and body. Our psyche is used to raise our state of being to a higher stage.

After the area is exposed, it should necessarily be covered again. This can be accomplished by standing erect, with your eyes closed, and imagining a light of rich glorious gold to shine upon your torso from the heavens above. Then, imagine a clockwise motion of the aforementioned light around you, in slow earthbound circles, around your body.

4 Tips for Using Binaural Beat Frequencies to Free Your Psychic Abilities

Here are some tips for using binaural beat frequencies to free your psychic abilities. You may not know what these are and how they are used. Although the idea sounds very mysterious, these beats have been used for close to 200 years. Way back then, it was discovered that they could help with meditation, relaxation, creativity, and other states of mind.

The way these beats work is by using earphones with differences in frequencies in each ear. It is not possible to listen to the beats without having earphones since you may hear the beats for a few seconds on the left and then on the right. There are numerous websites that sell audios of binaural beat frequencies for improving your psychic abilities.

Tip 1 – Use binaural beat frequencies to cultivate lucid dreams

Some people have had success in sleeping while listening to binaural beat frequencies. They claim that the beats help them create lucid dreams, or dreams in which you have some control over what happens. Even falling asleep with the beats and having them stop after a short time affects the brain. When using this method to have lucid dreams, the person asks if they are awake or dreaming when they wake up in the middle of the night. When they fall back asleep, having a lucid dream is like creating your own dream.

Tip 2 – Use these beats to increase telepathy and psychic ability before doing a tarot reading

Binaural beat frequencies stimulate the brain to create a third tone when it perceives the separate tones in each ear as earphones are used. Some of these beats cause a shift in consciousness that increases psychic and telepathic skills. When you listen to these every day or several times a week, you are training your brain to develop your psychic powers and to bring them to your consciousness.

Tip 3 – Use binaural beat frequencies to increase your prosperity or manifest what you want and need

Many people both business people and those in sales have used these beat frequencies to increase their confidence and success. They have had greater success when they listen to these frequencies for 20 minutes than times when they do not use them. They are able to manifest money and success in their lives. At the same time, they are helping their psychic abilities to grow and mature because part of monetary success is know what to do and when to act in business matters. When your intuition is developed enough to listen to messages from your brain, you are able to be successful in anything that you do. In a recent test, college students were able to raise their grade point average by listening to binaural beat frequencies. If it worked to do that, it is not surprising that it also awaken psychic powers within the mind.

Tip 4 – Binaural beat frequencies can be used to remove the fear of esp and psychic powers

Binaural beat frequencies are used to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and this method is especially good for relieving anxiety and reducing anxiety attacks. It is effective in removing fear and worry, so these frequencies can help you lose your apprehension of gaining psychic powers if you have any. Most people feel a combination of excitement, fear, and doubt about developing their psychic powers. Listening to a specially made CD with frequencies can remove the fear and program your brain to have a new awareness of messages that you hear from within. Scientists are currently studying some of the metaphysical results that are common when using binaural beat frequencies to increase psychic abilities.

Tips On Differences Between Psychic, Medium and Astrology Readings

There are many types of spiritual and metaphysical readings in the market place today, it is essential that you know the difference prior to parting with hard earned cash. I will outline the difference dear reader so you are in the know.

A psychic reading is a reading which can be performed in a variety of ways. A face to face reading is one where the client and the reader sit face to face or in close proximity so that both people can have visual sight of one another, it could be claimed that this type of reading allows an unscrupulous reader to see visual signals and therefore influence the things he or she is saying to them, therefore one could claim that a phone psychic reading by contrast has the added advantage of taking place without close contact between the client or sitter and could therefore be a far more rigid test of true clairvoyancy than a face to face reading.

In a phone psychic reading the caller is simply asked to give their name and also date of birth to ensure they are over 18 years of age. Then the caller is often asked which type of reading they would prefer, eg life in general, or love or career or money. A good reader will then focus their attention on that area of the person’s life and by using clairvoyancy will pick up advice and answers from their guides.

A medium reader is a reader who has the ability to connect with the consciousness or minds of those who have left the earth plane and now reside in the spirit realms. This is a subject of massive contention due to the delicate nature of the state of any bereaved person – this however does not change the fact that there exist many strong and true mediums with which one can contact the essence of their loved ones, this is one reason why the SNU exist as they serve, in a very disciplined way, this very purpose often for little or no fee.

A medium reader will prefer to give these type of spiritual readings rather than a simply life query reading which although still valid, is often not the reason the reader wishes to fulfil with their service of mediumship to mankind. A medium reading can take place either face to face in a one on one setting, in an audience setting such as at your local spiritualist church, or via the phone, which incidentally is in no way watered down, it is the ability of the medium in question and not the communication means used to deliver the reading.

An astrology reader is someone skilled in the art of reading your birth chart and the relevant position it is placed amongst planetary influences. Based on your date, time and place of birth much information about your past, present and future can be obtained in order to help you with the path of life. This type of reading is available by phone and also via email which is often a good way to have a reading due to your chart being prepared and emailed to you which of course is handy for referring back to later, and more handily as the months and years unfold especially if it is predictive.

General Phonic Psychic Advice

Psychic phone advice is readily available for everyone whether you’re seeking guidance from an astrologer, a clairvoyant, a medium, or a Tarot card reader. Ultimately the decision about the type of psychic you select to meet your needs for psychic advice will depend on your awareness of what you’re seeking and how best to acquire that guidance.

Before you pick up the phone and actually initiate contact for one of the many available psychic phone readings, you should explore the possibilities.

Here’s a summary of a few of the more popular selections for those seeking psychic phone readings:


This French term, which translates as “clear seeing,” is the most commonly used expression and it is often used to describe general psychic ability. A true clairvoyant has the ability to “see” an image from the past, present, or future.

Tarot Cards

Each card in a deck of Tarot cards has an assigned astrological and numeric significance. The universally influenced pictures on Tarot cards can include symbols from ancient world cultures, such as Yin and Yang, the Chinese symbol of balance, the Egyptian Ankh, Europe’s royal hierarchy, and the Hebrew Kabbalah.


For those desiring to contact a loved one who is no longer a part of the physical world, a psychic medium is needed to communicate in another realm or dimension. Family members often find peace with unresolved emotions and questions around the departure of a loved one when consulting a psychic medium.

Psychic Astrologer

The psychic astrologer is not only an expert in the mathematical system of the zodiac, but they also specialize in offering insight and making predictions. Your natal birth chart, based on the unique position of the planets and patterns of energy at the date, time, and place of birth, serves as a guide for the psychic astrologer to maximize the benefits and minimize the consequences in your life.


A genuine channeler is unique in the psychic world. They have a beneficial relationship with spirit guides and guardian angels and receive direct messages of advice and teachings. The thought is that a guardian angel serves to protect a person from harm and a spirit guide seeks to provide knowledge in order to guide one on their path to spiritual enlightenment.

I Ching

One of the least recognized and yet most highly regarded and ancient messaging systems for psychic readers is I Ching. The 3,000-year Eastern philosophical reading that balances the male/active energy, referred to as Yang, and the female/receptive energy, referred to as Yin, has 64 hexagram configurations.


This ancient alphabet consisting of a combination of Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian letters is derived from the Old English/Norse word “run,” translated as mystery. Today psychics use Runes as a tool for aiding in predictions.


Using your birth date and the numeric value of the letters corresponding in your name, a psychic can derive information about the path and destiny of your life, the challenges and peak moments you may encounter, and how to best use your special skills and talents.

Dream Interpretation

Whether it’s a vividly clear, yet complicated, dream or a recurring dream you would like interpreted, a qualified psychic in this field can assist you in unraveling the mysteries of the sleeping subconscious and how it reflects upon the deeper aspects of your waking life.

Angel / Spirit Guides

Intuition is the special gift this psychic uses to assist others in making compassionate and loving changes in their lives through angel and spirit guides. Either the message from the guide is communicated to the psychic and passed on to the seeker, or the psychic provides the tools needed for the person asking the question to receive the guidance directly.