3 Tips For Using Binaural Beats to Learn to See Auras

Did you know that almost anybody can learn to see auras? Although some believe that this is an inborn talent that you either have or you don’t, the truth is that the ability to see auras is a natural human ability that simply lies dormant in most of us. However, with some assistance and practice, it’s possible to train your eyes to perceive the auras around people, animals and other living things.

While there are a number of methods that have been put forward for teaching or viewing, most of them have one common factor, and it is the requirement to be able to relax deeply. Aura perception seems to be easier when the mind is relaxed, so if you can meditate, this is an advantage.

However, for most of us without meditation training, maintaining such a deeply relaxed date by remaining awake isn’t necessarily easy. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve the right mindset for viewing auras without having to spend years learning to meditate first, and that is by using a brainwave entrainment recording.

Such a recording features repetitive sounds of specific frequencies, which are designed to cause your brain to enter a relaxed state. This works thanks to a natural phenomenon known as the ‘frequency following response’, which simply means that the brain has a natural tendency to match – or entrain to – the frequencies of the sounds it’s hearing. For successful aura viewing, you need a recording which guides your brain into the alpha state, in which it predominantly produces brainwaves of between 8 and 12 Hz in frequency.

Once you have your recording, you’ll need to set some time aside to listen to it each day before practising viewing your own aura, or that of a pet or plant. With time, your brain will become accustomed to entering the alpha state at will, and eventually you won’t even need the recording.

While there are different types of brainwave entrainment recording available, binaural beats are the most popular, and they can be very effective. If you decide to use binaural beats to help you learn to see auras, here are three tips for getting the most from your sessions.

1. Practice Every Day

Firstly, you should make a commitment to listen to your recording and practice your aura viewing every day. It’s vital to establish a routine, because over time your brain will come to know what to expect, and will be able to enter the right states for aura viewing more easily.

Daily practice is also essential for most people, because it usually takes some time before you start to get the results you’re looking for. Although some people who use binaural beats for aura viewing find they can see auras right away, this isn’t really the norm, so you shouldn’t be discouraged if it takes a while your abilities to develop. But they will only develop if you practice consistently.

2. Make Sure You’re Not Disturbed

It’s also important to ensure that you practice at a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure that any others in your house know not to barge into your room during this time. This is important because it’s difficult to relax properly if you know in the back of your mind that you might be interrupted at any moment, and as we’ve seen, relaxation is vital for the development of your aura viewing ability.

3. Practice On Yourself

After listening to your recording, you’ll be in a relaxed state, and your aura vision is likely to be more acute. If you have to find another person to practice viewing with at this time, you’re likely to disturb your concentration and lose your sense of relaxation. So the best results, try viewing your own aura either by observing your body directly, or in a mirror. If you have pets or plants handy, you can practice looking at them too, as all living things have auras.

Learn Telekinesis Fast – Psychic Tips!

Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis, is an advanced psychic ability that takes a very developed psychic intuition to accomplish. A psychic that has mastered telekinesis is able to bend the world around them in order to affect an object.

A common misconception about telekinesis is that a telekinetic only has the power to move an object. This is not true. So long as a psychic is in tune with the universal energy source known as the “Chi”, a psychic can change anything about an object, including its size, its shape, its color, its density, etc.

Here are some tips that will help you learn telekinesis fast:

  • In order to develop your psychic muscles and learn how to tap into the universal energy source known as “Chi”, the first step you will want to take is to practice medication. Practicing this will enable you to free your mind of excess clutter, and center your mental focus.
  • Next, you will want to practice your powers of concentration. You can do this by trying to hold a single thought, image or idea in your head, without letting your concentration wander. Other images and thoughts will try to take away your focus, but you should do your best to keep them out of your mind. This will increase your power of concentration.
  • Don’t get frustrated! Don’t worry, this happens to everyone. We often get frustrated or tired with ourselves when things don’t go our way. Unfortunately, frustration will get in the way of increasing your psychic abilities and learn telekinesis. When you get frustrated, take a break, have a snack, walk around, and come back with a clear mind and with mental determination!
  • You will also want to start focusing your mind on the objects around you, (if these are the objects on which you want to use telekinesis). Don’t just stare at the objects. Instead, feel them, close your eyes and try to sense them. You must learn to become familiar with objects by using your mind’s eye.
  • Start small! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Small objects are easier to manipulate with psychokinetic power than large objects. You may also want to choose objects that you are familiar with, or that you have some deeper connection to.

Psychokinesis and telekinesis are advanced psychic abilities. However, they can be learned with practice! These 5 tips should get you well on your way to discovering your psychic potential and releasing your telekinetic power.