Animal Spirit Guide – Panther Medicine – Astral Magic

Spirit of the dark moon,

traveller of the astral world.

Master magician,

a seer of the nights secrets.

Metaphysical Meaning

Astral Travel, Spiritual, Secretive, Silent, Elegant, Valor, Connected to the Moon, Solitary, Feminine, Ancient Mysticism, The Crone ( Old wise woman ), Guardian Energy, Power and Strength, God of darkness, Courage, Old Soul, Reclamation of power, Superior telepathic communication, Loners, Visionary, Shape shifter, Sensuality, Distant Healing, No Fear, Alchemy, The Goddess, Self empowerment, Symbol of the shaman.

Spiritual Symbolism

Panther augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther medicine amplifies all the senses and redirects our psychic spiritual energy, to create a highly focused manifestation, seen by others as personal power and magic. Panther spirit symbolizes settling into your own self, being comfortable with yourself bringing forth great personal power. Panther allows us to recognize our own personal sense of purpose in life, and develop a strong spiritual understanding of why you are here.

A Black Panther maybe smaller than lions and tigers but are the mightier aggressors with superior talent. Panther asks us to look deep into our dark feminine side, our fears, secrets and subconscious. If we learn to become comfortable with our dark side, it will bring healing light to the hidden sides of ourselves. The path of the hero is undertaken by the panther spirit.

Totem Animal / Spirit Guide

Panther spirit people encourage others positively through their own zest for life and quest for realizing ones dreams and desires. Panther reminds us to release our fears acknowledge our own power and accept our dark shadow selves. Panther helps in honoring ones own feelings. Panther spirit people have contained in them, the knowledge of the cosmos and other worlds, communicating with beings on an astral level.

Out of body experiences accompany panther as your spirit guide, her medicine is extremely powerful, magically transferring this to you, allowing a state in which astral travel is not only achievable, but controllable too. Panther spirit people have a healing element behind the look in their eyes, giving way to telepathic healing. On the other hand a panthers stare is transfixing, slightly hypnotic and will instill the fear of death inside of the one looking back at her. Panther spirit people are often prophets and healers with universal insight.

Mythology from around the world

Native American Indians the Tucano of the amazon, thought the roar of the panther was the roar of thunder. Symbolizing black panther as the god of darkness causing eclipses by swallowing the sun. In Egyptian mythology the panther is connected with the Crone of the crossroads, Hecate. In China Panthers were embroidered on the robes of Generals in the belief that the Panther’s valor and ferocity would be passed on to the wearer.

Within the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the king Pepi must pass through the ceiling of heaven wearing his panther skin. Draping the skin across his shoulders symbolized he had eliminated his desires for the earthly realm and its materialistic energy.

How do you know if Panther is needed in your life or is your spirit guide?

If you feel as though you need to protect someone in your life at the moment, panther spirit is lurking, offering her assistance. Having Panther come to you in your dreams is a strong message that she wishes you to observe her medicine. Nightmares or frightening dreams of panther is not negative it simply means you are not accepting nor seeing clearly your true self. Being passionate about panthers is a sign you have a connection with her. Being given unknowingly a picture or ornament of panther is a sign of her presence and a spiritual message to study her magic.

Am I an Empath? – Psychic Guide

A psychic with empathic abilities, (also called an “empath”), possesses the ability to experience the emotions and feelings of others. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an empathic psychic and someone who is just sensitive. Here are three questions to consider when asking yourself if you are an empath:

1. Am I more emotionally sensitive than other people?

Empaths tend to be extremely sensitive in their emotions and feelings. This goes well beyond what is considered “normal” feeling by non-psychics. Sometimes simple things like the sight of a dead bird or the wilting of a flower will cause an empath to tear up from emotional response.

2. Do I become emotional for no apparent reason?

When an empath experiences the emotions of others, especially if that person is not nearby, it can seem as though the empath is riding an emotional roller coaster for no reason. For example, while doing something simple like walking down the street, an empath can experience the emotions of someone they don’t know a few blocks away. They may not even see the person, and so it may seem like their emotional response is coming from nowhere.

3. Can I sense how others are truly feeling, even if they are hiding the truth from everybody else?

Empaths are not fooled when people going through an emotional challenge put on a brave face for the rest of the world. When most “normal” people might not notice and might not realize anything was wrong, an empath is painfully aware of the truth of the situation. Empaths can see right through people “putting on a brave face,” so to speak. Their emotional intelligence is much higher than that of other people.

Clairsentience Intuition – Psychic Guide

What is Clairsentient Intuition?

Clairsentience, or “clear feeling”, is a psychic ability that allows a psychic to sense, or feel, psychic energies. Clairsentient psychics have a highly-developed psychic intuition. Clairsentience is often associated with empathic psychics, known as “empaths”. Empaths are able to sense what other people are feeling by only using their minds. Clairsentience is more commonly known as “a woman’s intuition”, even thought both males and females are known to possess clairsentience intuition.

It is the second chakra, known as “Swadhisthana”, that is responsible for clairsentience intuiton. This chakra is closely associated with emotion and unconscious feeling.

Three Symptoms of Clairsentient Intuition

  • A strong “gut” feeling about someone that turns out to be correct — Have you ever just had a feeling about someone that you were so sure of, and that turned out to be correct?
  • An instinct that you couldn’t explain — Have you ever had an instinct that you couldn’t explain to anyone else, but which made perfect sense to you?
  • An ability to sense the feelings of those around you — Have you ever sensed what a person was feeling with your mind? Maybe you felt what they were feeling.

These are all basic symptoms of clairsentient intuition.

How does Clairsentience Work?

There are two ways that clairsentience works.

  1. Clairsentience works by allowing a psychic to receive signals from the spirit realm. A clairsentient psychic will be able to sense the messages, where as a clairvoyant will see the messages, and a clairaudient will hear the messages. The clairsentient psychic will feel what a spirit is trying to say, and interpret the message by using their intuition.
  2. The second way that clairsentience works, is by allowing a psychic to understand the feelings of the people around them, (empathy). Clairsentients often use their abilities to share and heal the pain of others. By sensing what someone feels, a healing clairsentient will know exactly what remedies someone needs.

What about Precognition?

When a psychic is able to combine the power of precognition with the power of clairsentience, something incredible happens. A psychic will be able to sense something that has not happened yet. This is not “seeing the future”, like most people think of it. Instead, it is like knowing something will occur, even though specific details might not be predictable. It is times like this when it is most important for a psychic to consult their spirit guides for guidance.

Clairaudient Intuition – Psychic Guide

Clairaudient intuition is a psychic ability that is sometimes forgotten about. Though it is less common than other abilities, it is no less real. Just as a clairvoyant psychic receives visions of “clear seeing,” or a clairsentient psychic receives instincts of “clear feeling,” a clairaudient psychic receives intuition of “clear hearing.”


A psychic with clairaudience uses their inner ear to listen and to pick up on information from the past, present, or the future. For example, a psychic might pick up on a conversation that has happened in the past, especially if that conversation somehow holds new meaning in the present/future. Often, clairaudient psychics will hear things that will become relevant later in time, even if the importance of such things is unclear.

A clairaudient psychic might also hear something like a gunshot, the playing of music, the reciting of a memory, or the laughter of a child. The more significant a sound is, the more it will make a lasting imprint on those who hear it, and the clearer it will be for a clairaudient psychic. Those who do not possess the inner ear will be unable to hear the lasting imprint of such sounds.


Apart from being able to hear things that have taken place in the past, present, or future, clairaudient psychics also possess unique abilities when it comes to listening to what they are physically hearing in the present. Clairaudience allows a psychic to listen with “true hearing.” This means that they will be able to hear whether something that is being said is true, half-true, or an outright lie. When something said is true, clairaudient psychics sense a feeling of light around the worlds. But when something said is untrue, the worlds seem shrowded in patches of darkness. This makes it easy for a clairaudient psychic to sense how true something is.

Similarly, those gifted with the power of clairaudience can also tell how significant or insignificant something is. For example, if someone made a statement and falsely made it seem unimportant, a psychic with this ability would easily be able to see through this. These abilities are collectively referred to as a clairaudient psychic’s “outer ear.”

To clarify, those with clairaudience can only hear things that have been, things that are, or things that will be. In other words, they do not hear things that aren’t there. They can also sense the true meaning and importance behind the words that people say. This is what makes clairaudience such a useful and powerful psychic ability.

Reviving Lost Psychic Abilities – Simple Tips To Guide You

Aura – the protecting force.

Today we are living in a mechanized world. People are more and more following their mind rather than their instinct or heart. Machines like television, computers and others have replaced our intuitive ability. Ultimately this has led to the degradation of the physic skills which is there in our subconscious mind. Consequently this has hindered our capability of making wise decisions in day to day life which may also obstruct the interest of the rest of the world

Today people would not want to give up on their present-day conveniences; therefore it is essential that we restore the natural endowment of physic power that has been passed on to us from nature.

From the understanding that we gain from physics, scientific concepts and other things, we come to a conclusion that everything in this world is interrelated. Thus, enhancing our physic self will surely do well for the human kind as a whole. Many believe that the physic ability is something that can be developed and that it is inborn in some people. But this is a wrong belief. The ability of being physic is inborn in each and every one of us. A little effort is needed from our part to make it exist. We can feel more pleased and contended with our life and can be more confident in facing life once we revive this unique ability of ours. One of the steadiest developments that we can make in life is this. It strengthens an individual’s personality and makes them move a step forward to reach their aspirations and goals.

The improvement in our physic ability will bring about a feeling of closeness with the things that surround us. It revives the humane feeling inside each individual and brings them close to voluntary and selfless services like charity, work for the improvement of our society and so on.

A person can protect himself from the negative influences of life effectively, once he enhances his physic skills. Individual’s personality will not be affected by negative emotions like sloth, envy, lust, selfishness, jealousy and hatred. The person will tend to develop a positive approach towards his life. He will be more stable and cannot be hindered by any problem that he may face on his path to reach the goal. The person will have the ability to live in peace with the people around him. He is sure to have a peaceful and a calm mind as he will have the ability to express himself. All these things will show him the way to divinity which lies inside him.

An individual’s aura can be further enhanced by practicing meditation. It soothes the mind and it will make him visualize the various situations in life effectively. A tranquil mind can boost the energy already possessed by a person Therefore he can give his very best in whatever he does. This will act like a barricade to prevent him from making any wrong choice in life. Thus the electromagnetic field which always surrounds a person is the aura. Just like how the immune system prevents the outside diseases to enter the body ,the aura prevents the negative influences to hinder the rational self of the person and protects the physic well being. Many may feel that an extended aura is a good sign for a person. But, it is not true. An aura which is balanced should be more important to us. An over extended aura can bring depression, headache, anxiety and many more things along with it. And so for a sound physic defense, a well balanced aura is very important.