This Winter’s Psychic Astrology for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Excerpt prediction about Barack Obama from forthcoming “Psychic Astrology for 2011“:

It is President Obama’s most pioneering year: On the agenda are a lot of experiments, exploration–things that don’t come to fruition right away. There are new roles for government, and a lot of testing of those roles. President Obama still frustrates people, they still don’t see what he’s doing, and where he’s going.”

Psychic messages and spiritual guidance for December 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) this winter: If things get bad, know it’s the dark before the dawn (in fact, the dark may have been a short-lived period right after the Winter Solstice,–you should perk up soon after the New Year.) You’ve got the wind at your back, your sails are set, it’s better than you think–just act–do what you do–move forward, and you’ll be helped.

Water signs(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this winter: Water signs are trying to finish up business, get out of things that have stressed them out. The end of the winter brings resolution and finality. It’s a strong finish.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): for this winter: You are slowed down for some reason, then get an official go-ahead that you’ve been waiting for. Success is likely in May. There’s a huge difference between the beginning of the year and the end.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this winter. Earth signs go through a lot of change in 2011, so this forecast is just for the winter. They live “need to what’s received”, season by season. Earth signs, naturally enough, are preoccupied with arranging their material world affairs, and planning for stability. There are opportunities to secure a footing in business or a new enterprise. (And this is when to execute plans for future stability.) Taurus gets special opportunities.

Psychic Insights and Horoscopes for Fall 2019

October and Fall 2019 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

October for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: You’re setting up things for the long term, and beginning to move – and maybe with some speed – on projects that have been stalled. You’re establishing a safety net somehow. Important sources of support and inspiration can fall into place now.

Fall 2019 for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the Secret Life of Fire Signs: To boil down the following flowery message from the spirits for “the Secret Life of Fires Signs, Fall 2019”, it is to mind your own business or you’ll lose valuable time. “Humble yourself; do not know anything about anybody else’s life. Or think you know and express it, anyway. Behaving like a monk means to be observant and kind and most of all, staying out of other peoples’ troubles, when all along you could be digging much deeper for your own creative life, and narrowing in on what really is worth making bloom. Behaving yourself, being humble, means to act like a monk: not talking that much, but reaching for the stars in your thoughts, and not the comings and goings of others.”

October for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: You don’t know if you’re being listened to, and if your plans can work. You’re looking to transform something or someone, and it’s a big leap. However, it looks like change is already in motion. You might also be wondering about your own capacity to change and do things differently… it looks good to try!

Fall 2019 for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: The Secret Life of Water Signs: “Oh, it’s coming, it’s coming, your ship is coming in! Wait! It’s not what you expected? It was last year’s wish, and not this one? Climb aboard anyway. What it is that shows up in your life as a vehicle, a vessel, is the thing that carries you in the right direction. Don’t worry at first if it goes sideways.

October for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: You’re looking for money and stability, and it’s good that you do get inspired, because you will have to work hard to achieve it. You really want to get into a more mature place with less to worry about. This can happen… life tends to improve!

Fall 2019 for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Secret Life of Air Signs: Far above you, far above.. is what you want. It seems out of reach! Then stop focusing on what it is you want and are separated from. Looking around, there are some valuable resources on the ground… shining – like they still have life. See what comes alive when you begin working it: talking to people, showing your stuff, being you. Be grounded in your own self, and not your wants, this Fall. Enjoy the sensual side of life, and be one with the real, mercurial, and quixotic you.

October for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: You’re aware of what you want, and not satisfied with where you’re at. You want to move on, and you want to move up. You want to be happier! The easiest kind of success to have is creative and business success. A casual, “no pressure and no expectations”, type of relationship might also be successful now.

Fall 2019 for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Toil, toil, toil; trudge, trudge, trudge. There’s not only a lot to do, there’s also a lot of sludge. Wipe yourself off periodically by having an extremely good time: two or three days where you’re out of line with all that has to be done. Let yourself go periodically, it will not stop what you’ve begun.

Astrological Aspects of Note for Everyone in Fall 2019

October 27th, New Moon in Scorpio: The new moon in Scorpio is about being a detective and finding new ways of doing things: better crafted and thought-out. With a new moon in Scorpio, people are going to get scientific, detailed, and focused. However, peoples’ feelings get especially intense as well as their focus. You can find yourself asking yourself, “Who do you want to pay attention to in your life? What do you want to pay attention to? And “who within you” do you want to be? It’s time to examine what you’re investing in and what you are prioritizing. New moons like this are good for making calculated and positive change.

November 26th, New Moon in Sagittarius: Wow! So much is new for so many! New directions are able to be taken by newly-emboldened people. There is a sense of “finally!” as people move forward. By the 27th, both Mercury and Neptune are direct after being retrograde… life comes into sharper focus, and energy is less scattered.

The Key to Success in Fall 2019: Being able to find inner peace and being able to be at peace is what helps manifest dreams this Fall. “Pushing” in this environment, and not going with the flow of synchronicity and cooperation, is too rough. Resistance of all kinds causes big waves. Avoid deep water and big waves!

Fall 2019, the World: The rivers are running with blood, with iron ore, with irritants; anguish over the rivers and the seas overflows into the minds and hearts of more and more people. Our water! Our life!

What’s in the Air: Mountains are talking, religions are being born. Unsung songs are crowding the air space, waiting for a receptive ear and a willing heart. Reinvention… the wheels are turning in places big and small, urban and remote, as the air is filled with new thoughts like dandelion seed-puffs. But so much of life is more about fertilizer, than flourishing.

Reminder from Spirit: Smile! Go to funny movies! Laugh with friends, go to the beach, check out what’s new in your neighborhood. Pet someone’s pet, if not your own!

Fall Rx from Spirit: First of all, all that weighs heavy… toss it off for a minute. Enjoy the lightness of unconcern for what already happened. You can breathe more oxygen into your lungs. You can summon more power in your legs and in your heart and your arms. You can love more fiercely, because letting loose with what’s inside you will only happen with your permission to let all that happened fall… fall… fall.

Mobile Psychic Reading – Free Phone Chat

The psychic world has embraced modern technology with newest ways to serve people such as a free phone chat, a free psychic reading by phone, a tarot-reading through video chat, a spiritual healing using the telephone, and even a dream interpretation using electronic mail.

Since many psychics develop the ability to perform specific tasks using remote clairvoyance or travelling reception, many psychic organizations and companies used the concept to reach more people by using technological advantages such as mobile phones and computers. With the help of modern technology, psychics can diagnose special cases, resolve paranormal issues, and help a person with his/her spiritual health through some paid and free psychic reading by phone.

In this kind of set up, people who want to start a free phone chat with psychics should visit their website first. After signing up, they will receive notifications and procedures to start the free chat. Through the telephone, the clients will be asked regarding his/her situation. The sessions include free horoscope, numerology, dream-interpretation, and spiritual counselling. In some cases, clients are required to send their photographs in order to establish a deeper connection. I.D. pictures and photographs of a person’s palms are also required in other activities like aura-interpretation and palm-reading.

Telephone readings became a popular medium because of their comfort and convenience. A person no longer needs to travel in order to consult with a psychic. Through numbers flashed in websites and on television, people can now enjoy an exchange of words, tips, and counselling.

Important Things to Remember

Most phone chats are free for the first session, while a certain amount is charged for the succeeding sessions. Since people pay for the services, it is important to make a list of questions and concerns in order to consume time properly. Psychic-reading companies charge per minute.

People should not be skeptical about the psychics who are talking to them in free telephone calls and video chats because they are genuine. They are hired by big companies for their special abilities and services. In order to know more about their personal background, special abilities, areas of expertise and authenticity, and legal licenses, people can visit the websites of psychic reading companies for proof and verification. Choosing the right clairvoyant or medium to help someone with his/her problems and paranormal concerns will not just ensure the success of the session, but will also avoid confusion and waste of money.

Astral Projection – Your Ultimate Guide

If you are into paranormal wonders and out-of-body experiences, you will definitely love the feeling of going through an astral projection. In just a few minutes, you can reach different dimensions in the universe with the help of different techniques in the art of meditation. A lot of times, people tend to become anxious and fearful of learning how to travel through multiple dimensions. The concept of astral projection takes a lot of practice to be able to master the skill and perform it safely.

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to astral project. The process may not be too easy at first as it requires a lot of concentration in order for the subconscious mind to fully take control of your body. Once your mind has gained enough consciousness of your being, it is easier to let your soul travel in many places. The process of letting your subconscious mind rule over your body often takes a lot of time and patience.

One of the most popular methods that astral projectors use is the “rope method”, allowing individuals to envision a silver rope that can pull them up to different places in time. There are also people who practice the “sleeping technique,”, which is done while lying on your bed and allowing your body to fully submerge in complete relaxation. The out-of-body experience starts when a person starts to imagine watching his or her own body while asleep. As soon as your body is concentrated on the activity, you will begin to feel vibrations and dizziness.

7 Signs Spirit May Be Communicating With You

I’m always in awe when someone in spirit gives information I couldn’t possibly know. If I wasn’t having the experience, it would be hard for me to believe.

Your loved ones are often close by. They want to protect, guide, teach and heal your pain.

The more aware you become of the spirit world, the easier it will be for you to receive guidance from your spirit guides.

Who are your spirit guides?

Your spirit guides may be a deceased grandparent, parent, sibling, soul mate or best friend. You often have more than one spirit guide because they are present to support you in various areas of your life.

Here are 7 signs spirit may be trying to communicate with you:

#1 The message is in the music. Have you ever heard a song on the radio and felt like it was speaking to you? Did you notice how the words stood out? Did you become emotional?

#2 It’s frightfully cold in here. If you feel very cold, shivery or have goose-bumps in a room that has no reason to be cold, it is likely that there is spirit activity in this place. Spirit vibrates at a higher frequency.

#3 Visitations in your dreams. Have you dreamt of one of your deceased loved ones and felt like it was very real? It is easier for spirit to connect with you while you sleep because your mind is at peace and you are receptive.

#4 You feel a spirit’s presence. Just because you can’t see a loved one doesn’t mean they aren’t there. If you sense it, know you are not making it up.

#5 You hear your own voice inside your head. When a deceased loved one speaks with you, it usually sounds like your own voice however it has a distinct feeling to it. You’ll know because it is different from what you would think or say.

#6 Touched by an angel. Have you ever felt like someone is touching the top of your head, tip of your nose or is tickling your arm, yet nothing is visible?

#7 Electrical disturbances. Spirit love communicating through light bulbs, telephones, TVs and computers. Have you ever seen the lights flicker on and off? Or heard a lot of static on the telephone line? See if you can start noticing the difference between an electrical problem and when spirit is trying to make it’s presence known to you.

The Other Side.

Becoming aware of the spirit world takes time. It’s like switching the light off in a room and not being able to see in the dark. As time passes, your eyes adjust to the dark. You begin to see things you couldn’t see before. This is how the realm of spirit operates. You will see.