A Few Tips on How to Do Mentalism

For the unfortunate few who may not know exactly what mentalism is, it is the art of precognition and mind reading. Basically, it is a way that you can tell everything about a person and you can even tell them what they are going to do in the near future.

For those who already have a firm grip on exactly what mentalism is, learning how to do mentalism must be quite a thrill for you. It is not hard and probably anybody who set their mind on it can learn how to do mentalism. This article is all about teaching you a few things that you will need if you are really set on learning how to do mentalism.

  • The Magic foundation – the first thing that you are going to need in your arsenal to learn how to mentalism is to know that you are gong to need a bit of magic principals. If you do not want to teach yourself the principals of magic then there is no way on earth that you are going to learn how to do mentalism. It is almost one and the same thing, almost. Learn card tricks or any other simple magic tricks that you can pick up here and there, they will come in very handy.
  • Get to know Cold Reading – cold reading is the art of looking at a person and telling everything possible that you can about them just from their looks. Mentalism is all about precognition, if you do not know how to read people by how they look then you cannot know how to do mentalism. It is all about being observative because all the signs are there for you to read.
  • Hypnosis – a lot of people get all sorts of ideas about how you have to be special to learn a skill like hypnosis but this could not be any further from the truth. Just making sure that somebody’s attention is maintained on your face and not hands is already hypnosis. Imagine combining this with what you know about how to do mentalism.

If you can combine all the above tips properly, you are half way done with how to do mentalism. You will then need to pick up a couple of skills like memorization. With a lot of practice before going on a stage, nobody will be able to say that you do not know how to do mentalism.