Remote Viewing – Tips From An Experienced Viewer

Remote viewing is the ability to see a specific target in detail by using only the power of the mind. It is somewhat similar to astral projection also known as O.B.E. or out-of-body experience. However, it is not in any way the same thing. While remote viewing, the viewer is in a fully conscious waking state of mind. There is no sensation of leaving the body or traveling. Also, during the process of viewing, the viewer receives images and knowledge of the specific target that they are trying to perceive. If practiced frequently, and for extended periods of time, the remote viewer can become tired and/or fatigued. This can be easily avoided with proper pacing.

The key to learning remote viewing is to practice meditation on a regular basis. This will allow you to focus your mind in different ways and eventually, with practice and determination, you will discover the proper level of focus required to receive remote images and information. It is also important that you want to succeed. You have to have a strong desire to receive the information into your mind and believe that it is possible. I would even go so far as to say that you have to know that you are going to receive the images and information that you are seeking.

When I first began remote viewing, I found that the less I consciously knew about a target before-hand the clearer and more accurate the images and information would be. After several months of practice, I even took this a step further. I would tell a friend to write three different questions or targets down on three pieces of paper and seal them in separate envelopes and have them choose one at random. They were to do this at their leisure in their own home without me being present. This would usually be over the weekend. Friday night I would sit down in a dimly lit room with a sheet of paper and a pen and I would close my eyes and write down and/or draw whatever came into my mind. Sometimes I would just get random images, and sometimes I would receive fully formed ideas and concepts. The following Monday, after having had no contact with my friend that weekend, I would trade the paper for the envelope. The results were simply mind boggling. I had absolutely no conscious clue as to what had been written on the piece of paper in the envelope, but what I had written or drawn on my sheet of paper would always pertain to it in startlingly accurate detail. I actually learned new things in this way.

I was only able to perform this experiment a few times with a small number of people that I knew before they would want to stop. I believe a few people may have even been a little afraid of me after experiencing that. It can happen. This is because people tend to fear what they don’t understand. I didn’t really blame them. I didn’t fully understand how it worked. I just knew that it did.

Eventually, as I practiced and continued to improve, I was able to look at certain people and just know the truth about them or their situations. If someone was having trouble locating something I could tell them exactly where they needed to look to find it. I began helping people to locate lost objects. Once someone asked me about how a court case involving her family would end up. I told her not to tell me any of the details about the case or mention who beyond her was involved. I was actually able to give her the name of the person who would the judge would rule in favor of. She wasn’t exactly happy about the answer, but it turned out to be correct.

Whatever you do, never let fear stop you from practicing remote viewing. This goes for your own fear as well as anyone else’s. If it is something that you truly want to pursue, then do it. Just know that, as you practice remote viewing and continue to improve, you will begin to more clearly see the truth of how things really are and you will most likely experience major shifts in your core beliefs about reality and how things work. If you ever begin to reject the truth of what you see, then you will begin to lose access to the ability. It is because of this that you must keep an open mind. If you remain open minded, your ability to remote view will continue to grow and it will come to you very easily.