Am I an Empath? – Psychic Guide

A psychic with empathic abilities, (also called an “empath”), possesses the ability to experience the emotions and feelings of others. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an empathic psychic and someone who is just sensitive. Here are three questions to consider when asking yourself if you are an empath:

1. Am I more emotionally sensitive than other people?

Empaths tend to be extremely sensitive in their emotions and feelings. This goes well beyond what is considered “normal” feeling by non-psychics. Sometimes simple things like the sight of a dead bird or the wilting of a flower will cause an empath to tear up from emotional response.

2. Do I become emotional for no apparent reason?

When an empath experiences the emotions of others, especially if that person is not nearby, it can seem as though the empath is riding an emotional roller coaster for no reason. For example, while doing something simple like walking down the street, an empath can experience the emotions of someone they don’t know a few blocks away. They may not even see the person, and so it may seem like their emotional response is coming from nowhere.

3. Can I sense how others are truly feeling, even if they are hiding the truth from everybody else?

Empaths are not fooled when people going through an emotional challenge put on a brave face for the rest of the world. When most “normal” people might not notice and might not realize anything was wrong, an empath is painfully aware of the truth of the situation. Empaths can see right through people “putting on a brave face,” so to speak. Their emotional intelligence is much higher than that of other people.